Welcome to Capstone Project!

Welcome to BDEA’s Capstone Project. Starting this project means that you are very close to your high school graduation. Congratulations! Use this website to assist you with your project throughout the trimester. In this website, you will find instructions, worksheets, tips and general information.

The Purpose:

The Capstone Project gives you the opportunity to demonstrate strong independent research skills about a topic that you are passionate about. You will be asked to choose a topic in the career, creative, or the social issues category and develop an essential question around this topic. This topic will be the complete focus of your research. In addition to conducting research around your essential question, you are required to have multiple Real Life Experiences where you will have the opportunity to meet experts in your topic of interest for job shadows, interviews, internships, and more. These Real Life Experiences take you outside of the classroom to provide you with hands-on experience, add a "real" element to your goals and dreams, and answer specific and challenging questions about your topic. The products of the Capstone Project will be a cited research paper and a formal presentation to report your findings. This project is your first step to realizing the future that you dream of! It gives you a chance to think deeply about an interest or what is in store for you educationally and professionally. The goal of the project is to prepare you to become resourceful, independent investigators and problem solvers in the world beyond BDEA.

More Information About the Capstone Project

Click the image below for a Capstone presentation .

Capstone Presentation