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Advanced Technology
(Digital Media) Syllabus

Instructor: Mauricio Cordero



Advanced Technology is focused on learning creative ways to use digital media (graphics, web design, film, etc.)  to express yourselves. 


In this course, you will acquire the skills and experience necessary to present your work digitally and professionally through the studying and practicing in the following areas:

Primary Areas

Web Design - You will learn how to read and write the basics of the language of the web (HTML).  You will also learn how to design a website using Dreamweaver (the most powerful web design program).

Computer Graphics - You will learn how to use Photoshop (and/or Fireworks) to create and edit your own images and prepare them to be displayed on the web or in print.

Possible Secondary Areas

FTP - You will learn how to use an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to upload your websites to the Internet.

Video Editing - Learn the basics of recording and editing your own film using I-Movie.

Flash - Flash is web animation software used to make objects move and interact with the user.



  1. Notetaking is optional in this class. All notes for the course are posted on the website under "notes".
  2. There are also several video tutorials available (on the resources page) for you to view at any time.
  1. Supplies:
  2. Each Student will have a U-drive on the server to save their work.  Students are responsible for maintaining and organizing these drives.  This folder should only hold files related to this class!  Mr. Muhammad has the right to remove files that are not appropriate for school or related to class.

All assignments will always be stored on your U-drive and will be checked off (not submitted). Files should never be saved anywhere else on computer.  If you do not have a log-in for a U-drive, please see me.


  • Food and Drinks - The golden rule in the Media Lab OR the PC Lab is no food and no drinks.  This is for the protection of the computers. 

  • The Internet (Appropriate Behavior) - I will give you the opportunity to express yourself in a personal section on your page. Because this is a school, inappropriate pictures, language and ideas will not be tolerated and will be removed!  Mr. Muhammad will decide which material is appropriate.

  • Cell phones - Students may not use Cell Phones in the classroom. Use of cell phone may result in the phone being collected until the end of the class period.Please see the school's phone policy for more details.
  • Hats and Head Coverings - No hats are allowed in classes. Hats or other head coverings should be placed in your locker, or in hat storage. See hat policy for more details.

  • All other school rules obviously apply. 


Web Development

 Unit 1
Weeks 1-3

3a Demonstrate an understanding and use of the HTML language to create web pages.

3b Create tables using HTML and web editing software.

Unit 2
Weeks 4-6

3c Demonstrate an understanding of tools and buttons used to create a website with web editing software.

Computer Graphics

Unit 3
Weeks 7-9

3a Use text to enhance an image.

3b Use basic graphic design tools to seamlessly combine multiple images.

End of Unit 3 
Week 10

3c Use basic graphic design tools to repair and alter an image.

(Updated September 2014)