Boston Evening Academy


Introduction to the World Wide Web. How the web works. How HTML works. The three major tags of HTML.
Trying HTML tags. Introducing new tags.
Notes 3
Introduction to attributes. Inserting images.  Paragraph alignment.
Notes 4
Attributes II:  Body attributes.  How to insert a link.
Notes 5
More fun with background colors.   Tables.
Notes 6
A more in depth look and hyperlinks (links)
Lists and other miscellaneous tags.
Tag review
A lookup sheet of all of the tags we have gone over and their attributes.
Fireworks Tutorial A video tutorial introducing the Adobe Fireworks graphic software.
Connecting to your folder (Macs) A quick tutorial that explains how to connect to your drive on the Macs in the Digital Media Center.
Photoshop 1
Introduction to Photoshop and a review of basic tools
Photoshop 2

Learn how layers work and what makes them so powerful!

Photoshop 4 How to repair old or damaged photographs.
How to Scan!
Scanning your assignments and preparing them for the web
Dreamweaver 1 How to create new html pages from the template given in class.
Dreamweaver 2
Tables in Dreamweaver
Adding Movies Add movies to your HTML document